Northwoods Builders, LLC
Frequently Asked Questions

Northwoods Builders, LLC specializes in working with our customers to provide the best possible experience in your building project. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q. What types of homes do you build?

A. Northwoods Builders, LLC can build any type of home you want, from a vacation getaway cabin to a full-custom four season home.


Q. What do you charge per square foot for a new home?

A. Because of the number of variables involved when pricing out a new home, it is difficult to quote on a square-foot basis. Your personal tastes involving interior and exterior finishes, design of your home and current material costs all factor into the price. Our standard square-foot cost for a new home is approximately $110.

When getting price quotes from different contractors, be sure to keep all the details the same for your comparisons. Allowances are often used by contractors when preparing quotes (such as flooring and cabinets). As a customer, be aware of the building costs that have been put into the allowances, the amount of the allowances and whether or not the allowances are realistic according to your tastes.


Q. Do you have a design service?

A. No, but we will help with the design.


Q. Will you build plans that are from another designer?

A. Yes, Northwoods Builders, LLC has used many different designers' plans. We have worked with archeticts on new construction, remodels, and commercial buildings.


Q. How far will you travel to a job site?

A. We will generally travel within a 50 -to- 70 mile radius from Prentice, WI.


Q. What about using sub-contractors?

A. As a general contractor, Northwoods Builders, LLC takes the responsiblity of scheduling and managing all sub-contractors. We have a list of preferred sub-contractors that we use, but can use one of your choice at your request. All the sub-contractors we use are fully insured and licensed.


Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Northwoods Builders LLC was established in 1989.


Q. How do we go about meeting with you?

A. Give us a call or use the form on the Contact Us page. We can set up an appointment to meet at your location or at our office.